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Some Interesting Facts:

My father Ron, sold all of his Water Lillie scenes, all of them! The few we have left in our collection, and by few I mean a handful, are because we literally had to steal them out of his studio! He’d always say “kiddo I’ll paint you another one just like it” but of course he never would. So when you saw a painting you really loved you just had to grab it and run out of the studio with it in your hands and put it in your car or it would be sold. That was just how life worked with an artist for a father.

Ron was famous for his lilies, in 1986 Heffel Art auction in Toronto cataloged the sale of a 36 x 48 inch water Lillie paintings at $5200 can in 1986! Soon after all his corporate collectors wanted lilies, the soothing, calm and serene moods the lilies offered were in high demand….and they still are!

That is why I decided to start off dad’s gicclee prints with his famous Water Lillie images everyone loves so much at a price people could afford. I wanted to create something “unique” and real.

Hand Embellished Limited Edition Gicclee Prints on Canvas (Ron Simpkins)

No Cloudy Days - 36 x 48 inches Limited Edition of 30 Starting at $2000 Can

This is as close as you can get to an original painting –actually it is by definition an original through the hand embellishing process. Each print goes through a special 3 step process. First the painting image is printed onto high grade canvas using archival inks so your piece lasts for generations.

The print then gets stretched onto a stretcher. Theses prints are so exact they even fooled my mom!

Next a thick coat of special gloss gel is applied onto the canvas and worked with a knife and brush to give the print texture.

I actually do the process myself and use dad’s original knife!

The gloss gel dries clear, giving the print a beautiful textured feel similar to the original piece. Since each print is done my hand, no two prints are ever alike.

They are then signed by the estate (me), individually numbered, and come with a certificate of proof of authenticity.
The editions are very small no more than 30 prints per image size so you are guaranteed that the value of the print only increases.

Passion in Pink - 30 x 40 Inches Limited Edition of 30 Starting at $1500 Can

Ron Simpkins Hand Embellished Limited Edition Gicclee Prints on Canvas from vanessa simpkins on Vimeo.

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Vanessa Simpkins